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January 2016

Fingerpaints- fab!


My LO received some finger paints for Christmas, not something I have used with the others as I felt it was just as easy to squeeze a little poster paint onto a plate! Turns out that actually they are REALLY quite good. They are much thicker than other paints meaning it’s not running down their hands. The way it comes out in lumps means it is much more versatile for little hands as it didn’t move around so much. LO was able to paint his car wheels and hands with ease and had approximately half an hour of fun, creating his two paintings. He was very impressed with his creations and can’t wait to show daddy.

This activity helps do develop fine motor skills and helps children discover creativity in a fun way. What other use would you have for a Jaguar? 😜


Making spellings fun!

I love to use different methods when encouraging the children to learn words, I believe they get so much more out of the experience if it’s a fun one. This simple method of using a tub of play dough is a firm favourite in our house. Simply make your own or or just buy some. (Recipe below for those that fancy going homemade)

The method can be adapted to the child’s individual age and ability, some may need help and some may enjoy the independence of doing it by themselves. Either way it’s a fabulous activity to do.

This first photo shows my youngest I wrote the words on a piece of paper so she could make up the words all the time chatting about the sounds, we read each word before she made it from the play dough, then she had a go at making the words herself.

The second photo is of my eldest daughter, she made up the words herself and then the second time round she used the LOOK, COVER, WRITE method to see if she could remember the spelling.

Quote from my eldest ‘I love doing this mummy’!

So if your looking for a new way to encourage your LO to have fun whilst learning or your STUGGLING to get them to do spellings. Have a go, I hope they have fun.

Please let me know how it goes, messages can be left in the comments box below. Thanks


Basic ingredient ratios:
2 cups flour
2 cups warm water
1 cup salt
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon cream of tartar (optional for improved elasticity)

food coloring
scented oils

mix all the ingredients together in a saucepan and warm through on a low heat, keep staring and eventually you will have your dough, remove from head and spoon onto a safe surface to cool before using.

1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour
food dye (any color, be creative!)
newspaper to cover the surface you’re working on

It only takes about 10 minutes to make just mix it all up and kneed it together!


Kids arguing, arghh!!!

These photos capture the beauty of my girls, they truly are wonderful children and I am so proud and grateful at what wonderful people they are turning into as they grow to be little women. But….

I myself never had a sister, two brothers was hard work but not the same as a sister I’m sure. I bickered and argued with my brother but generally, boys being boys, he would give up quickly and walk away, whilst I went to sulk about the dolls head he had just squeezed or the toy he had hidden or the fact that he pinned me down inside a box and wouldn’t let me out, lol when I write it down it sounds awfully funny but it was all typical sibling, well boy girl at least behaviour. A true wind up merchant.

These girls though, oh my goodness do they argue! they love to get each other in trouble, they can be spiteful and bitchey, really nasty to one another. To everyone else and at school and approx 85% of the time (percentage changes with my mood lol) they are lovely girls. I have realised that every morning at the moment I am dealing with some disagreement between them, I long to wake up to piece and quiet.

Its almost like they are fighting for Pecking order, who is the strongest, which one will win this arduous battle of wills and end up being at the front of the line? But why?

I know I’m not the only mum to deal with this and I know other people probably deal with worse but do you ever just feel the need to go somewhere secluded and scream with frustration about them lol. arghhhhhhh!!!!

To make it worse, so many people are now saying, ‘ohhhh you wait until they are teenagers!!!’ ‘Trust me’ I say… ‘I’m dreading it! 😞 ‘. The mini teenage attitude I get from them ALREADY AT 4 and 6 years of age is a whole other post!


I love them so much x 😍


Charity Welly walks

A few years ago, when my eldest daughter was only three years old, she asked me why the children on the tele were so sad? She was referring to those sad charity driven adverts asking for regular donations to children’s charities all over the world. I thought about it and said ‘those children are sad for lots of reasons some may be  because they don’t have lovely comfortable clothes or a bed to sleep in or food to eat every day, some children are very poorly and may not get better and some need help to get better. You could see it made her sad, she was thinking hard about this. Then she said ‘why are they on the tele?’. ‘So that people know about them and may decide to help them by sending them money, clothes or other things they need’I said. ‘Can we send them money?’ She asked. ‘You could raise money for them by doing a sponsored event maybe?’ I suggested. And the decision was made, for a few days we discussed possible ways of making money and finally decided on a welly walk. The Welly Walks were born…!

It was something we did a lot with our friends, walking in the local woods, down to the river or along the canal and always in wellies of course! So we asked a few of them to join in and help us by each putting some money in a pot to take part. I spoke to the local nature reserve (RSPB The Lodge, Sandy) who said we could do it there. A few people made cakes and off we went. The walk was mentioned on Facebook, a few people asked if others could come and on our first Welly Walk, twenty-five families came along to support us making a fabulous £108.00 for the charity we chose (one close to my heart) the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’. We were over the moon with this and everyone said how wonderful it was and how much they enjoyed the event. So now we are about to do welly walk 7!!! And this is our final Walk at the current venue. We hope to find a new venue and that people will continue to come along and support this wonderful charity.

My children have learnt so much from taking part in these events and have since helped in other events to raise money for charities. I am very proud of them!

our events are full of fun and if you want to attend the final event please find us on Facebook ‘ Charity Welly Walks ‘ we are in Sandy Bedfordshire.




Let them walk

Nothing more enjoyable than going for a walk, my kids love just walking, anywhere, they love finding things, exploring, discussing, playing games, pretending and simply being outside. We are so lucky to have so many beautiful places to go walking in this country and if it includes a little stop to feed some ducks it’s even better!
Where do your LO’s like going for a walk?

with three children and only two hands this backpack I purchased from Jojomamabebe is the best purchase EVER, thank you to the wonderfully helpful ladies in store that assisted making my shopping day more enjoyable by selling me this dinosaurs! X

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