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February 2016

1st birthday party- Garden Games

I went to pound land and got buckets and spades and footballs as party favours, the kids loved them and the older children loved the sweet cones. What a perfect party for my little man. 
Garden games are a perfect option for a first birthday, the whole family enjoyed themselves.
Garden games and a summer Party wouldn’t be complete without a drinks table and of course Pimms!

Cinderella tea party

a fabulously girly tea party themed around Disneys latest Cinderella film.

all the children came in gorgeous gowns

imageimageimageas the children arrived they got a beautiful wand or a wizards wand.

We had a photo booth, a roll of wrapping paper stuck up to the window made a fabulous backing drop.

the cake was a pumpkin carriage with sparkle designed by me and made by the fabulous Sue Sweetlove at Flowers and More on Facebook

each game had a different sweet as the prize

afternoon tea was served with cakes and treats




DocMcStuffins Party

my daughter loves watching Disneys DocMcstiffins as well as playing doctors so what else could we do as a party theme but the Doc herself!

Whenever I do a party I try to do my best to spend as little as possible, making or borrowing as many things as I can.

The fabulous cake was made by Sue Sweetlove @flowersandmore on Facebook. She followed my design perfectly and everyone commented on this fabulous cake!

We made some signs as you can see in the photos, we used a cardboard box some yellow paints, crayons and printed Doc pictures.

We also had a Doc colouring table

Doc tattoo parlour

Doc themed plates and napkins

Doc face painting studio

and Docs party bags were cups of sweets wrapped up in pink tissue and cellophane.


An afternoon of musical fun!

This afternoon I took my three children aged 1,4 and 6 to see the highly recommended Nick Cope. He is a wonderfully talented ‘Family Songs’  Writter and singer. For a whole hour he had my three singing, dancing and laughing along with his fabulous concert. His songs are brilliantly unique and quirky, my youngest enjoyed the fabulous acoustic music as he played the guitar and I believe a Ukulele to. Both Children and adults seemed captivated by his songs and quick whit.

Each of his songs had an educational element. Growing, body parts, feelings and more. I was so entranced by his music and as my children sang his songs ALL the way home, what else could I do but download his latest album, ‘The Pirate’s Breakfast’ as soon as we got home.

If you get the chance to see him, please do.

His website link is below




Early morning grumps

This morning as I slowly opened my eyes and rolled over, I was greated by my two beautiful children saying “Good-morning mummy, did you sleep well’…. Errrrr oh no wait a minute, that’s what I dreamt would happen each morning, if it was as lovely as that I’m sure I would be a hell of a lot calmer and have much less wrinkles! What actually greated me was my children, arguing over a toy in their bedroom,’that’s mine’, ‘NO, ITS MINE,’… Ahhh glorious here we go again, another typical morning in my mad house. Mmmm Now do I get up and deal with them or just ignore it and let them solve this themselves? I chose the later option, which appeared to work… Or so I thought. This pleasant way of starting my day inevitably leads to one of us, either me or the kids, being grumpy for the rest of the day, its important I allow turn taking and ensure we all get our day of being miserable! I’m good like that! Usually the looser of the earlier argument would be the one with the ‘hump’, guess what…I was right!

she shouted at me, threw her vest at me, stamped her feet, hit her sister and generally spent most of the morning moaning or crying. I myself kept as calm as I possibly could, trust me that’s not easy! She was cuddled after the first discussion we had, talking about how she needs to learn to deal with being angry and not let it upset her whole day, and mine! I didn’t do anything to antagonise this situation as I simply wanted to get out the door! The strops got progressively worse and in true form, just at that moment we were walking out the door (running a little late as usual) we were FINALLY ready to go. I admit it, I finally flipped, COULD SHE HAVE PICKED A WORSE BLOODY MOMENT ARGHHHHH! Inside I was screaming, as she turned and scretched at me ‘I can’t get in the car, I need a poo!’ FFS why is it always when we are going out the door? In a very calm, only on the outside, as my face was glowing from carrying a toddler and all the bags out the door whilst wearing a none practical outfit of coat and scarf, in this ridiculously “spring like” British winter (that’s a whole other story) This task had already taken WAY longer than necessary, through gritted teeth I replied ‘I’m getting in the car, if your going to be quick then go now otherwise you will have to go at school!? At this point we literally have no time spare! She took everything off, winding me up a little more and went to the loo, whilst I put the other two in the car, finally she emerged now crying as I had got in the car (two metres away) without her! Now my voice became angry as I shout whispered (you must have done that lol) “JUST GET IN THE CAR!”

Unbeleivable, every single morning is a battle in this house, if it’s not one, it’s the other, distracted by something, causing an argument, having a completely unnecessary melt down, these are just a few of the reasons why daily we are running against the clock to get through the school gates before the bell goes. Surely I’m not the only one to never get out the door without a hitch?

On mornings like this I’m so pleased for the wonderful teachers and staff I get to hand over to. Obviously at pick up I was the worlds best mummy ever and even got a picture that said so, I Love my babies so much, even moments like this just make me see how feisty and strong willed they are, my girls will certainly never be walked over by anyone.

Roll on tomorrow morning, I wonder what it will bring…



Swimming madness!

Ok, please tell me I’m not the only one that finds family swimming a bit like this. Before I start I have to say this is not aimed at one particular public pool as I feel the same at all of them, unless I’m in some 5* Hotel Spa pool on my own which are cleaned ALL the time…in my dreams lol.
So, your at the local pool with the kids and all you can think about is the state of the floor, without making them feel as disgusted as you are about the floor covered in hair, plasters and possibly urine (based on how it smells) you search out the cleanest space… Find the only available, reasonably ok, fairly dry cubicle and the madness starts.
You stand the first child on the bench and precariously get them to balance, whilst holding your shoulders… pushing down on your already bad back whilst your sweating profusely, ffs it’s so hot in here! 😰 You try everything to make the others wait nicely without touching the wet floor or picking up a plaster or piece of food to give you or worse, and yes this happened to me, put it in their mouth ewwww!!
Gradually you manage to get them all sorted by which point it’s just you to get ready, now your dripping your so hot! you don’t have your swimsuit on as you forgot in the midst of the ‘leaving the house trauma’ (one of them always causes some trauma or another) Your in the worlds smallest cubicle… because all the ‘family’ sized ones, all four! Are taken! And you literally can’t move. Then the kids start pushing and arguing, you lift one leg then the other into your snug fitting swimsuit, which obviously shrunk in the wash, must buy a new one.
Finally just as the kids are about to start a war, you manage it, finally you pack (ram) all your clothes into the bags and squeeze yourself, the bags and the kids out of the tiny door, constantly saying ‘don’t run kids you will slip!’ You did it! 👏 Now your boiling hot and can’t wait to get in the pool…. Then…seriously! Grrrr you realise you have left the locker money in one of the bags!!!! Please, tell me this is “NORMAL!” Lol 🏊
#swimming #madness #funbeingmum #anothertaskacheived

10 ways to make car journeys with kids more enjoyable

Car journeys with children can be an absolute ball ache! Without fail, one will be bored, another may need a wee, one will be annoying the other… Etc. Keeping them occupied is without doubt the best thing you can do and these are some of the best things that work, well for me they do anyway.

  1. Audio books– one of the best discoveries I made was audio books, obviously I knew they existed but I had just never thought to buy one. Best money I have spent EVER! a four hour car journey was broken up nicely by Enid Blytons ‘The Naughtiest Girl‘ other stories obviously available! Simply download or CD’s are widely available.
  2. Sing– this may sound simple but whether it’s nursery rhymes, teaching them the national anthem, rap (always makes my LO’s laugh when I attempt rap) or the latest to hit the charts most kids love some music and a half hour sing song is sure to brake up the journey.
  3. The Story game, one of our family favourites we play time and time again, made up but so much fun! I’m sure you can remember the game we all played at school, where you wrote a bit of a story the folded the paper and passed it to the next person. This is a little like that, we always start by each choosing a character, the weirder the better (but normal can work to start with) each person must name and discribe their character to everyone else. Then you take it in turns to tell the story a line each, normally twice round the car is plenty but if the story gets really interesting it can go round a few more times. Certain to end with laughter!
  4. Eye spy, or a variation of it has been played for years, adapt it a little and help LO’s to learn, for example I spy something green, helping them discover colours. Or for older ones make it a describing game, I spy something pink that likes lots of mud… This classic game is sure to be played by most on long journeys!
  5. Book bags, make up a book bag for each child that you can hand to them when you could do with some quiet time, We all need it! Choose books you know are favourites or even simply buy them a new one, charity shops are often full of kids books at a cheap price.
  6. Tick list, it’s a little like shopping, give them a tick sheet of a dozen things they need to spot between the start of your journey and the destination. These could be as simple as a yellow car, a white fence, a pond… Or as they get older, challenge them a little more with things like shop logos, landmarks, signs or road numbers. Challenging them in new ways can help them learn concentration. Why not give them a little incentive with a prize at the end!
  7. Snack pots a fabulous way to break up a journey is to plan the meals, have snack pots to give them at intervals, especially if a very long distance, this will be a welcome distraction for them.
  8. Colouring packs, I have some wonderfully talented friends who make crayon rolls from gorgeous fabric (search on-line) and these are perfect for travelling and even when eating in restaurants (the colours they give you are normally not great!) print off some of their favourite characters for them to colour in the Internet is full of free colouring pages.
  9. Count! My kids have learnt counting through play and what better time then in the car. Simply ask them a question how many red cars can you see in 60 seconds? Etc. the options are endless and as they get older, get them to estimate how many and see how close they were.
  10. And finally the last thing I will say is STOP journeys with children can be a nightmare and are often made worse by the temptation to just drive that little bit further. Plan your journey and stick to it so that children know when the breaks are coming, let them stretch their legs have a quick play, go to the loo etc. it’s important to include stops as part of your journey and allow children to recharge before the next leg of the journey.

I hope these ideas help to make your travelling a little more enjoyable play one or play them all but please let me know how you get on, I’m always happy to hear what makes your journey with the kids more relaxed.

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