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May 2016

Are you a Morning person?

Are you a morning person?
I am… My husband is NOT, each morning I wake up and greet my children with smiles, cuddles and ‘…good morning, did you have a good sleep?’ They react well to this as they are use to it, from me. I’m not asking for a conversation, nor am I requesting that they be all Disney land jolly at this time of the morning but a little polite conversation is lovely…. My husband, well he communicates via grunts for at least the first half hour of each day, he barely opens his eyes walking around like he’s in some kind of sleepwalk state and if he gets the kids up, he uses the bare minimal communication… ‘Toilet?…. Done?…. That’s pretty much it! It’s laughable really but I dread my kids becoming like this, unfortunately I feel it’s possible. I will have three teenagers one day and none of them will be able to communicate with me, it’s going to be a lonely first hour of each day. Maybe I will be thankful of the silence by then though, I should prepare before and use my time wisely 😂
For now though……
(She shouts) “GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!” 😂😜


Maths Cake

Today at letthembechildren we had a special birthday, so to fit in with the birthday celebrations we decided to make what we have now called the ‘maths cake’.

As we made this lovely cake we discussed colours, chose the colours we wanted to use, discussed pattern with spots and stripes, we counted our spots and stripes as a whole as well as individual colours all relaxed discussion as we stuck on the parts of our cake. The special birthday boy is two today so we stuck on the number 2 and counted out to rectangles to stick on the top of the cake. All these fabulous discussions based around maths were quick simple learning moments that we made fun. Hence why we named it the ‘maths cake’… Just a shame we can’t eat this one. However we have made some cakes for the picnic party this afternoon and are now off to enjoy them with friends.

Hapy crafting everyone xxx

please follow my page to see more ideas if you like x


Stickman @ High Lodge Thetford

If I ask my children where they want to go on a Sunday this is ALWAYS in the list of destinations they suggest. This wonderful place is always filled with smiles all day long. The children are so excited to get through the woods from one play area to the next, around every tree corner and down every woodland trail you will find another set of play equipment often shaped as a bug or bird or like  “a slide pyramid” as my kids call it. A sand play area and a musical trail along with building dens, climbing walls, ball games, a picnic area, a cafe, a bike hire centre oh and the option to have a go at segweys and GoApe climbing fun if you want, or if you have time after all this…we haven’t yet! All in all its a wonderful place to have an adventure, currently the adventure is based on the much loved story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson following the signs around the park to find each character, on the trail you will also see a sleeping Graffalo child… Be careful not to wake him, and if you keep your eyes peeled you may even see the Gruffalo.

You only pay to park which can be up to about £11 for the whole day, we payed around £6 for 4hours on our last visit… Worth every penny! Another place I reccomend to everyone! ❤️❤️❤️

Family fun day out at Bewilderwood

For several years now I have heard people saying what a wonderful time they had at Bewilderwood in Norfolk. For several years now I have wanted to go but was waiting for my babies to be old enough to enjoy it… Didn’t think I could get away with going on my own hehe!

Well, last weekend that time finally arrived. I’m actually not sure who was more excited about our little adventure… Ok ok it was me!

The fairytale adventure began from the moment we pulled onto the drive, the brightly coloured clashing signage of lime green purple and pink got our excitement levels raised, then as we drove towards the car park in the distance we could see a fabulous turret poking through the trees… The entrance to this magical adventure had began!

imageThe turrets are like something you see in a Harry Potter movie, wonky buildings with wonky doors, mystical and fun filled places to open your mind to magic!

After going through the main entrance the first thing the children can go on is the boats (it is possible to go through to main park without going on them) my children and I felt as if it was a magical land only reachable by the boat ride. We even came back via boat at the end of the day which made it extra special. The imaginations of my children were kicked off on that ride “welcome to Bewilderwood…” The boatman said as he introduced us to the amazing stories that make the magic begin.

Im not going to give away the whole day but it’s one big fun adventure playground with a few hidden treasures that make this a fun filled family day nobody should miss. The name of the park says it all, to bewilder, to baffle mysterfy and perplex the imagination on this wild day out.

If you get to go say hello to the Bogglecroc for me, she’s usually seen with her tiara and handbag having fun somewhere 😜 please do x

letthembechildren… This place lets adults be children to!


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