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June 2016

Soft Play Fun- review

I love a soft play Centre and today myself and my little man went to one we haven’t been to before. The staff were so friendly, saying hello to MJ as we went in before me… I like that in places for kids. The price was reasonable compared to others we have visited. The whole place was clean and tidy, the staff were continuously busy. MJ went straight into the play area and had lots of fun climbing, he was able to do all of the areas which he loved, only one area is a struggle for adults but only children able should really go on the larger slide anyway so this wasn’t an issue. I played with him for a little while but was then able to sit and watch him whilst I had a drink… Loved that I could see the whole play area… Easy to keep an eye on him.

I was so pleased to find somewhere that had soya milk and decaf as others I have previously visited had said they wouldn’t sell it 😞 My hot chocolate was lush. For lunch I ordered a bacon panini, it was lovely but Way to much food on my plate, only half the amount of crisps and salad were really needed. The staff were happy to answer all my food questions (I am fussy) and went out of their way to ensure I was happy. The childrens meal deal was a fabulous price at £3.80 and MJ enjoyed it all. One slight thing, it wasn’t until sandwich arrived that I realised I wasn’t given a choice of brown or white bread for him… Will ask that next time though he did eat it anyway.

Our first experience of the Hive at Shefford in Bedfordshire was very positive and we look forward to go back again soon.


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Growing to fast

I’m not sure why this morning was any different but for some reason I was suddenly hit with the sad thought that my babies going up another year group at school… I can’t believe they are changing so fast. I try my hardest to enjoy every second I possibly can with my children and savour every single smile, cuddle and funny moment before they slowly start to disappear and I end up with three grumpy smelly teenagers who don’t even want to talk to me. I’m trying everything I can to keep them young for as long as possible and will feel so sad when I have to let go. My eldest will have her first night away from me with school next year and this makes me feel queasy, I don’t want to have to let go… Why should I? I’m currently sitting here with a cup of tea whilst my youngest naps, this will end soon to and my time will no longer be so free, I quite enjoy the quiet afternoons of me time… I cant stop it but I will try my hardest to slow it all down. Extra snuggles for them all tonight xxx kids on path


Seperate beds is not a bad thing?

sleeping apart through pregnancy has been good for our relationship, we have even carried it on post pregnancy as it certainly makes for a happier us.

Throughout my three pregnancies, as many women do I, I was as uncomfortable as the Queen in Jeans… Nothing fit, clothes got tight by the end of the day, in bed I was hot and cold, I couldnt get comfy and spent most of the time surrounded by a dozen pillows stuffed around various areas of my body propping bits up and making me as comfy as possible so I could sleep… Fat chance of that. To add to it I would have my husband who tried hard to let me get on with it but conciquently he would end up clinging to the edge of the bed and suffering with his sleep to. With him having to do an important job each day he needed his sleep so not every night but a few times a week he would retreat to the spare bed for some well needed shut eye. Without this important catch up time we would both end up grumpy together which would just make for a bad atmosphere.

Since having the children I’m now used to these regular catch up sleeps, I’m not saying we have separated completely but I do believe those dignitaries in times gone by certainly had the right idea. Seperate bedrooms are a good idea. I love my husband and actually hate when we are not together at night for what ever reason but as long as he’s in the house… I sleep like a baby. Who wouldn’t benefit from this. It makes the times we are together much happier and has increased our understanding of each other’s needs. Always a good thing.

love this x Bug Storytime —

BUGS! Who doesn’t love to talk about bugs. Yeah they can be kind of gross sometimes but there are some pretty awesome bugs! Especially some awesome bug books! Book: The Big Bug Book by David A. Carter This is a fun pop-up book with tons of silly bugs. It can be a long one with […]

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Fine Motor fun

Here at let them be children we love anything that includes scooping, pouring, rolling and squeezing… Fine motor fun. Here’s a few we have done recently

M enjoyed filling up the bag with soil ready for the potatoes 
We always love water play, scooping, pouring and splashing around. 
Baking is ALWAYS a joy with kids and what better way to learn than to do it yourself?! 

Girly BUG party

My daughter asked for a bug party this year and also wanted it to be pink and purple…  A ‘girly bug party’ I am pleased to say she was happy with the outcome. I started by hiring a local man who brings bugs and animals along to kids parties for them to learn about and have the chance to hold… Safari Stu (based in Bedfordshire UK)

The invitation idea came from the idea a jar of bugs which seemed a cool way to bring the theme together. I drew it out and simply photocopied to send out. 
Cake design by the birthday girl herself. 

The party favours were jars of home made playdough, such a simple item to make and not many kids don’t like playdough… Or adults actually hehe, I love the stuff.

The fiod was pizza and icecream and the cake…

Designed by the birthday girl herself was delicious and beautiful with a mix of flowers and bugs all over it, the whole theme worked well and all the children had a great time meeting all the bugs and animals.




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