After hearing about this latest craze to hit British turf I felt it necessary to investigate and see what all the fuss was about…

Downloading the app was simple and free to my device. The system set up was straight forward, my username was set and I was ready to go. All I had to do was go for a walk… Simple I hear you say well this soon becomes an addiction, where can I find another character? Wow level 1 complete… Level 2…got to pick the kids up but I Must…keep…going…lol Instantly I could see why people were becoming hooked on this public gaming. Walking around with your smartphone or other device poised in front of you awaiting the appearance of a Pokémon character to appear.

Many people question what the fascination is, once you start you can’t stop.

I do worry that we will end up with zombie like people walking around with their heads in their phones not connecting with the outside world. But with parental control I’m sure this won’t be everyone lol

Personally I think it’s good fun, it is encouraging people to get out and walk about, as long as people are keeping safe and nobody trespasses on private land, I really don’t see an issue in having fun whilst running and walking around your local area.

For those of you hit by the bug, have fun but don’t let it rule your life. For those inexperienced in the Pokémon Go world. Have a try… You may just like it.

For me and my kids we have lots planned this summer but I’m sure we will have some fun times searching for Pokémons as we go on our travels.