Let them be children


September 2016

Stop saying no! Turn your no upside down.

I get so upset when I hear parents constantly saying no to their children. Don’t get me wrong I myself get days when I feel constantly frustrated and feel like I say no to my kids ALL day. However I also find myself realising I’m doing it, I stop and look at how I am being and change my tactics to hopefully create a better environment for both myself and my kids.

Instead of constantly saying NO I think of distractions and activities I can give them and I try to use other words changing “no! Don’t touch” to “could you not touch that as it may brake, it’s rather delicate”. It’s so important to take a step back and look at your own behaviour as a parent when the air is tense between you and the kids.

I’m not saying this is easy but sometimes just look at you instead of always getting angry with them.

They are children


Last camp of the year

This weekend we decided to squeeze in a final camping trip before the season is officially over, and it becomes too cold for my delicate toes to cope with the chilly nights. Typically the weather turned almost the day we left and Autumn appears to have officially arrived. Surprisingly though it’s not spoilt it. I have managed to surprise myself with what a hardened camper I have obviously turned into. The kids have not moaned once about the cold (hubby says it’s not that bad) and they have had so much fun playing with the other children on the site. I have enjoyed sitting by the camp fire and keeping my toes toasty whilst reading trashy magazines about the strange things that some celebrities get up to and argue about, as well as discovering which celebrity showed the most cellulite in their bikini this summer, lucky I’m not a celebrity ūüėā
So many people say they would never go camping, I get that I do but if your even slightly tempted to try it, don’t delay, go for it. I’m so pleased I did. Camping has proved to be such a rewarding experience for me and my family, it’s taught me and the kids patients… As the tent and all the bits are put together and taken apart. Team work as me and my husband along with the kids help keep the tent tidy, cook together, clean up together and have fun together. We have learnt to relax which I’m not good at. We have been to some beautiful places and stayed at some fabulous sites. The children have made hundreds of new friends teaching them social understanding as they learn to share and compromise with new children… All in all camping has been a wonderful experience and we can not wait to start our 2017 season. I’m already researching where we can go so any recommendations most welcome.
Happy autumn everyone xxx

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