one lesson I have always tried to give my children is to help others. Not only in day to day life but also through charity work. I am a keen fundraiser and have done many things over the years from volunteering at charity events to running big charity nights myself. I love every minute of doing this as I know that the charity I am aiming to help is always one close to my heart.

I am pleased to say my children appear to have inherited this same bug and already ask to do thing and join in with things that are happening in and around our local community. This makes me super proud and equally a little excited that one day I will be able to pass my folders over and let them continue whilst I take a back seat (errr or just help with as much as they let me lol)

A few months ago the girls saw an advert for Macmillan coffee mornings and quickly piped up can we do that again this year. Without hesitation I picked up the tablet and helped them order a pack. The date was chosen and friends were invited. The girls helped with baking, decorating, tidying the house and making a little book stall. From one simple afternoon of cake and lemonade they managed to make over £200. They soon lost interest in selling and went to eat cake and play with friends whilst adults ate but the inner fundraiser is still there and I am so proud.

Seeing my home full of wonderful friends and family always makes me smile but today it was for a wonderful charity so I felt even happier.

Thank you so much all who came xxx image