A post appeared from three years ago that simply read, his heart is normal. I wrote this about my little baby boy. He has just been in the royal Brompton at less than two weeks old for a check on his hear, we knew his heart was causing problems but they said they wanted to check it wasn’t more serious… que seriously nervous mumma. Well the results were good, it was normal…. I Love seeing memories pop up on my time line ❤️ (apologise for long post… feeling emotional) This was a good day but still the middle of a stressful time.
His heart was labelled as physically ‘normal’ but with SVT he can never not be aware of the possibility of a reoccurrence, he was on beta blockers for the first year of his life to control it and we hoped, teach it to beat correctly. Then, one year on we were told he ‘should’ be OK, but to always be aware of the symptoms… he’s had a few scary moments, lots of ambulance trips and he’s won over the hearts of MANY nurses, doctors, secretary’s and playworkers on his travels. We have managed to ‘naturally’ shock his heart back into rhythm many times, it sounds so much scarier than it really is as I’m so used to dealing with it, what scares me is that he may always have relapses for various reasons, we just don’t know.
We had never heard of SVT, we knew nobody with it and having your week old baby rushed to hospital and dunked head first in an ice bucket was really not what I expected. Milo doesn’t suffer daily, he’s one of the lucky ones that has been able to ‘naturally’ deal with his heart rate… others are less Lucky and suffer daily with surgery and strong meds being the only option they have.
Knowing what the symptoms are is so important, I was so thankful that I persisted after being told by the first doctor, basically that I was a paranoid new mum (errr this was my third child and you sir were an idiot, it’s ok I have told him 😜) So today, with my gorgeous healthy little man, now three years old, I want to make more people aware of SVT I felt like I had no clue what was going on, the staff did an amazing job of trying to explain things but as I had never heard of it, I needed to find out for myself. It’s scary to think if I had have listened to that first doctor, if I hadn’t have picked up on the symptoms, life may have been so different.
So, you know me… always finding a new event to focus on. I have decided I need to raise awareness even if only a little portion of the world, so over the next 16 months I will be raising money for British Heart Foundation, our thank you for their research and helping us with our little boy. I will end my fundraising madness with my own challenge, something that will test my heart as I leave my gorgeous family and struggle my way along the steep trek of the inca trail, ending at Machu Picchu in Peru…

IMG_7349I know, I know, I must be mad! currently I’m questioning how this is actually going to happen as I joined the gym a few weeks ago and I’m sooo unfit! 😬 but with amazing sponsorships and I hope all the wonderful people in our lives will help me through I CAN DO THIS! If you see me out walking with a giant back pack on please give me a beep or cheer and help me get through this. It’s all for our gorgeous boy.
Watch this space for fundraising events.
Thank you 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

SVT affects around 35 in every 100,000 people that’s approximately 25,000 in the U.K. alone and often in people who are fit and healthy, however many people may only have one episode in a life time… would you know what was happening?