Let them be children


August 2017

Our summer of Bug hunting

this summer we have enjoyed searching for bugs both at home in our garden and out and about in our local area. Not only have we enjoyed finding bugs but equally we have enjoyed finding out what they are, searching through books and on the Internet has helped us discover the names of the bugs we find.

Our favourite moment this summer was meeting a emthamplogist up on the pinnacle near where we live who told us so much we didn’t know about bees. We sat watching the bees going in and out of the wholes they had made in the ground. This was a very lucky moment that we got to see.


BYTHAM SPINNEY Even the adults can join in x

This place is brilliant, it’s fun to explore and discover, it’s not to big that you will get lost, you can pop along for a quick visit or even stay longer…

A park hidden in the spinney (small group of trees) in a beautiful village on the edge of Lincolnshire between Stamford and Bourne.

We found this place very easily as we spotted the bunting and signs about current events. They have a small car park and an overflow car park which is more than enough. The area has picnic benches dotted around and although no toilets as such, we did spot a portaloo hidden in the trees in case of emergencies.

The first thing we found was a rope swing, always a favourite with my little adventurers (and also the adults lol) we found a fab hill of mud to slide down on our bums then carried on through whilst watching the trains going by through the high fences. Walking on you come to zip wires, bridges, swings and a mini play area all safely fenced in for the little tots.




over the past several years… ok decades lol… I have collected random things I have found on the beach, shells, pebbles, driftwood etc… I love picking up something new and today the kids and I tipped them out and had a play…

using all the wonderful natural collection we created ‘BEACH ART’ Making creatures, scenes and faces, they played for an hour and had so much fun creating and re creating…

Have a go and please share your creations, on here, Instagram or Facebook.

Happy creating x

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