Hello Everyone, my name is Kylie and I am… a mum, that’s right you guessed it, another mums blog for you to follow!

I have three beautiful babies-Rosie, Isla and Milo ages 6,4 and 1 as well as being a wife to my wonderful (he made me say that hehehe) hubby Neil. I love watching my children develop on a daily basis and enjoy finding new ways to stimulate their learning and creating wonderful memories for them. In the spare time that I do have (not much) I enjoy volunteer work, helping out various groups and raising money for my favorite charities. ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ and ‘The magic of play appeal’.  Everyone knows how much I LOVE organising and ANY event that I can help organise, I will! I especially like organising my kids parties, fabulous fun events on a budget!

Before children I worked in Early Years, I loved every part of working with children, from the joy of watching them develop and grow to the daily challenges that came with working with children. I particularly enjoyed the Montessori method of learning which I have taken elements from to bring up my own children. It works wonderfully, allowing children to learn in an environment emphasised by independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural physcalogical, physical, and social development allowing them to develop at their own individual pace. Early Years Children should be learning through play, without even knowing they are!

After lots of friends telling me to start a blog and share my ideas, I have! So here it is ‘my blog’ eeeek!!!  its for me to share my daily challenges, ideas, memories and creative moments with all that want to see it. I hope you enjoy having a read, please comment and share if you like x family on beach

Thank you