Let them be children



Helping others

one lesson I have always tried to give my children is to help others. Not only in day to day life but also through charity work. I am a keen fundraiser and have done many things over the years from volunteering at charity events to running big charity nights myself. I love every minute of doing this as I know that the charity I am aiming to help is always one close to my heart.

I am pleased to say my children appear to have inherited this same bug and already ask to do thing and join in with things that are happening in and around our local community. This makes me super proud and equally a little excited that one day I will be able to pass my folders over and let them continue whilst I take a back seat (errr or just help with as much as they let me lol)

A few months ago the girls saw an advert for Macmillan coffee mornings and quickly piped up can we do that again this year. Without hesitation I picked up the tablet and helped them order a pack. The date was chosen and friends were invited. The girls helped with baking, decorating, tidying the house and making a little book stall. From one simple afternoon of cake and lemonade they managed to make over £200. They soon lost interest in selling and went to eat cake and play with friends whilst adults ate but the inner fundraiser is still there and I am so proud.

Seeing my home full of wonderful friends and family always makes me smile but today it was for a wonderful charity so I felt even happier.

Thank you so much all who came xxx image



Stop saying no! Turn your no upside down.

I get so upset when I hear parents constantly saying no to their children. Don’t get me wrong I myself get days when I feel constantly frustrated and feel like I say no to my kids ALL day. However I also find myself realising I’m doing it, I stop and look at how I am being and change my tactics to hopefully create a better environment for both myself and my kids.

Instead of constantly saying NO I think of distractions and activities I can give them and I try to use other words changing “no! Don’t touch” to “could you not touch that as it may brake, it’s rather delicate”. It’s so important to take a step back and look at your own behaviour as a parent when the air is tense between you and the kids.

I’m not saying this is easy but sometimes just look at you instead of always getting angry with them.

They are children


Last camp of the year

This weekend we decided to squeeze in a final camping trip before the season is officially over, and it becomes too cold for my delicate toes to cope with the chilly nights. Typically the weather turned almost the day we left and Autumn appears to have officially arrived. Surprisingly though it’s not spoilt it. I have managed to surprise myself with what a hardened camper I have obviously turned into. The kids have not moaned once about the cold (hubby says it’s not that bad) and they have had so much fun playing with the other children on the site. I have enjoyed sitting by the camp fire and keeping my toes toasty whilst reading trashy magazines about the strange things that some celebrities get up to and argue about, as well as discovering which celebrity showed the most cellulite in their bikini this summer, lucky I’m not a celebrity 😂
So many people say they would never go camping, I get that I do but if your even slightly tempted to try it, don’t delay, go for it. I’m so pleased I did. Camping has proved to be such a rewarding experience for me and my family, it’s taught me and the kids patients… As the tent and all the bits are put together and taken apart. Team work as me and my husband along with the kids help keep the tent tidy, cook together, clean up together and have fun together. We have learnt to relax which I’m not good at. We have been to some beautiful places and stayed at some fabulous sites. The children have made hundreds of new friends teaching them social understanding as they learn to share and compromise with new children… All in all camping has been a wonderful experience and we can not wait to start our 2017 season. I’m already researching where we can go so any recommendations most welcome.
Happy autumn everyone xxx

Growing to fast

I’m not sure why this morning was any different but for some reason I was suddenly hit with the sad thought that my babies going up another year group at school… I can’t believe they are changing so fast. I try my hardest to enjoy every second I possibly can with my children and savour every single smile, cuddle and funny moment before they slowly start to disappear and I end up with three grumpy smelly teenagers who don’t even want to talk to me. I’m trying everything I can to keep them young for as long as possible and will feel so sad when I have to let go. My eldest will have her first night away from me with school next year and this makes me feel queasy, I don’t want to have to let go… Why should I? I’m currently sitting here with a cup of tea whilst my youngest naps, this will end soon to and my time will no longer be so free, I quite enjoy the quiet afternoons of me time… I cant stop it but I will try my hardest to slow it all down. Extra snuggles for them all tonight xxx kids on path


Seperate beds is not a bad thing?

sleeping apart through pregnancy has been good for our relationship, we have even carried it on post pregnancy as it certainly makes for a happier us.

Throughout my three pregnancies, as many women do I, I was as uncomfortable as the Queen in Jeans… Nothing fit, clothes got tight by the end of the day, in bed I was hot and cold, I couldnt get comfy and spent most of the time surrounded by a dozen pillows stuffed around various areas of my body propping bits up and making me as comfy as possible so I could sleep… Fat chance of that. To add to it I would have my husband who tried hard to let me get on with it but conciquently he would end up clinging to the edge of the bed and suffering with his sleep to. With him having to do an important job each day he needed his sleep so not every night but a few times a week he would retreat to the spare bed for some well needed shut eye. Without this important catch up time we would both end up grumpy together which would just make for a bad atmosphere.

Since having the children I’m now used to these regular catch up sleeps, I’m not saying we have separated completely but I do believe those dignitaries in times gone by certainly had the right idea. Seperate bedrooms are a good idea. I love my husband and actually hate when we are not together at night for what ever reason but as long as he’s in the house… I sleep like a baby. Who wouldn’t benefit from this. It makes the times we are together much happier and has increased our understanding of each other’s needs. Always a good thing.

Are you a Morning person?

Are you a morning person?
I am… My husband is NOT, each morning I wake up and greet my children with smiles, cuddles and ‘…good morning, did you have a good sleep?’ They react well to this as they are use to it, from me. I’m not asking for a conversation, nor am I requesting that they be all Disney land jolly at this time of the morning but a little polite conversation is lovely…. My husband, well he communicates via grunts for at least the first half hour of each day, he barely opens his eyes walking around like he’s in some kind of sleepwalk state and if he gets the kids up, he uses the bare minimal communication… ‘Toilet?…. Done?…. That’s pretty much it! It’s laughable really but I dread my kids becoming like this, unfortunately I feel it’s possible. I will have three teenagers one day and none of them will be able to communicate with me, it’s going to be a lonely first hour of each day. Maybe I will be thankful of the silence by then though, I should prepare before and use my time wisely 😂
For now though……
(She shouts) “GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!” 😂😜

Early morning grumps

This morning as I slowly opened my eyes and rolled over, I was greated by my two beautiful children saying “Good-morning mummy, did you sleep well’…. Errrrr oh no wait a minute, that’s what I dreamt would happen each morning, if it was as lovely as that I’m sure I would be a hell of a lot calmer and have much less wrinkles! What actually greated me was my children, arguing over a toy in their bedroom,’that’s mine’, ‘NO, ITS MINE,’… Ahhh glorious here we go again, another typical morning in my mad house. Mmmm Now do I get up and deal with them or just ignore it and let them solve this themselves? I chose the later option, which appeared to work… Or so I thought. This pleasant way of starting my day inevitably leads to one of us, either me or the kids, being grumpy for the rest of the day, its important I allow turn taking and ensure we all get our day of being miserable! I’m good like that! Usually the looser of the earlier argument would be the one with the ‘hump’, guess what…I was right!

she shouted at me, threw her vest at me, stamped her feet, hit her sister and generally spent most of the morning moaning or crying. I myself kept as calm as I possibly could, trust me that’s not easy! She was cuddled after the first discussion we had, talking about how she needs to learn to deal with being angry and not let it upset her whole day, and mine! I didn’t do anything to antagonise this situation as I simply wanted to get out the door! The strops got progressively worse and in true form, just at that moment we were walking out the door (running a little late as usual) we were FINALLY ready to go. I admit it, I finally flipped, COULD SHE HAVE PICKED A WORSE BLOODY MOMENT ARGHHHHH! Inside I was screaming, as she turned and scretched at me ‘I can’t get in the car, I need a poo!’ FFS why is it always when we are going out the door? In a very calm, only on the outside, as my face was glowing from carrying a toddler and all the bags out the door whilst wearing a none practical outfit of coat and scarf, in this ridiculously “spring like” British winter (that’s a whole other story) This task had already taken WAY longer than necessary, through gritted teeth I replied ‘I’m getting in the car, if your going to be quick then go now otherwise you will have to go at school!? At this point we literally have no time spare! She took everything off, winding me up a little more and went to the loo, whilst I put the other two in the car, finally she emerged now crying as I had got in the car (two metres away) without her! Now my voice became angry as I shout whispered (you must have done that lol) “JUST GET IN THE CAR!”

Unbeleivable, every single morning is a battle in this house, if it’s not one, it’s the other, distracted by something, causing an argument, having a completely unnecessary melt down, these are just a few of the reasons why daily we are running against the clock to get through the school gates before the bell goes. Surely I’m not the only one to never get out the door without a hitch?

On mornings like this I’m so pleased for the wonderful teachers and staff I get to hand over to. Obviously at pick up I was the worlds best mummy ever and even got a picture that said so, I Love my babies so much, even moments like this just make me see how feisty and strong willed they are, my girls will certainly never be walked over by anyone.

Roll on tomorrow morning, I wonder what it will bring…



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