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Helping others

one lesson I have always tried to give my children is to help others. Not only in day to day life but also through charity work. I am a keen fundraiser and have done many things over the years from volunteering at charity events to running big charity nights myself. I love every minute of doing this as I know that the charity I am aiming to help is always one close to my heart.

I am pleased to say my children appear to have inherited this same bug and already ask to do thing and join in with things that are happening in and around our local community. This makes me super proud and equally a little excited that one day I will be able to pass my folders over and let them continue whilst I take a back seat (errr or just help with as much as they let me lol)

A few months ago the girls saw an advert for Macmillan coffee mornings and quickly piped up can we do that again this year. Without hesitation I picked up the tablet and helped them order a pack. The date was chosen and friends were invited. The girls helped with baking, decorating, tidying the house and making a little book stall. From one simple afternoon of cake and lemonade they managed to make over £200. They soon lost interest in selling and went to eat cake and play with friends whilst adults ate but the inner fundraiser is still there and I am so proud.

Seeing my home full of wonderful friends and family always makes me smile but today it was for a wonderful charity so I felt even happier.

Thank you so much all who came xxx image




A boys bedroom that they can grow up in

I spent a while researching ideas for my little mans bedroom, I wanted a room he could grow up in. I didn’t want to be re decorating in a year or so. Whilst researching I discovered some fabulous star wallpaper, with a grey background and white stars. This wallpaper by the Great Little Trading Company was the start of my decorating.


being in the smallest room in the house ment that storage was important and finding this fabulous wall mounter book shelf was perfect! The bookshelf is the slim line version and holds lots of books, perfect for a small room. Another Great Little Trading Company find.

The large framed retro alphabet on the wall was a sheet of wrapping paper I picked up in Waterstones, simply framed in a oak affect frame from The Range, it looks fabulously retro.

on a trip to Paperchase I picked up the cute animal postcards (see small frames on wall) I framed them in simple pine frames from The Range and they look fabulous. 

As this is a small room Under the bed I put three GLTC star boxes to match the wallpaper, handy for wipes, nappies and toys.



I love his room and so does he, a perfect little mans room to grow up with. 

Anger over formal education becoming younger…

Why are children expected to grow up so quickly now days? Why do the government guidelines insist on children reaching targets? Why do parents insist on pushing children? Why do teachers think it’s ok to tell parents that their child SHOULD be reaching targets that  the ‘others’ are?

It makes me so cross that children must meet the formal levels set by government ‘specialists’! Children should not be reading at the age of three; unless they want to. Why can’t we give children opportunities to learn as they wish? When I was younger, all those years ago, children didnt start school until year 1, age 5-6 years. Nowadays children are ‘expected’ to be learning sounds numbers and the beginnings of writing in nursery class only age 3! These children are often still in nappies, they are only just transforming from baby to toddler. That’s right, they are toddlers, they are only three years old, for goodness sake let them be children! The education system is having a massive affect on children’s lives, they are being made to grow up far to quickly.

Rant over… To be continued I’m sure, surely I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Are you having any more?


Diary post of thoughts…

Its that question you get asked all the time, are you having any more? you done? You must be ready for another? … Yes! I’m so desperate to have another baby but my husband says he’s done! But it upsets me so much after all it’s me thats with them 90% of the time, so what’s wrong with wanting more…?

Having a baby can be such a challenge for so many people that I feel truly blessed to have had the chance to have three beautiful babies to brighten my world. “What’s she on about” I hear you say, “she should just be happy to have three!”. Your right and I am, I’m over the moon with my beautiful family and I thank the Lord every single day that I got to have the children I have. To fall pregnant, to feel the joy of carrying a baby, to feel it kick, to experience the happiness people feel when you tell them your expecting, I even loved the morning sickness, uncomfortable moments, lack of sleep, swollen bits, piles, itchy feet, bad circulation, pains I have never experienced, and finally the first moment you see, touch, hold and smell your beautiful new born baby! Some of those may seem awful things but when they all end with the joy of a baby in your arms, it’s worth every single moment and us women are made to forget the bad bits, that’s why we do it again and again!  My husband and I have to agree to have another and be sure it’s right, right for both of us, I could never push him into it. So I have to accept I’m done to, although it makes me feel sick and like my heart aches for more.

So, I will never have another baby, never be pregnant again, never feel all those feelings, good or bad and never watch another beautiful baby of mine grow into a gorgeous toddler! That makes me so emotional, so sad, I feel for those unable to conceive, those struggling to get what they want. I feel saddened by the fact that God gave me three and another beautiful lady none, what’s that all about? My husbands the sensible one, the practical one, the scared one after he nearly lost me when I miscarried a baby and the hospital staff said they hadn’t seen a case like it in over 15 years… I understand his fears but I have had the joys of birthing my own. And it’s not that, that I want. It’s the beautiful child that just wants a loving home, that’s what I crave. I want to be able to share the love we have as a family with others. To give a child a safe place to be, to give them a HOME! Since seeing orphanages on the TV as I child I have always wanted to adopt but my husband says no! Maybe I just need to accept it or maybe I should just wait a few years. Do I just want to adopt for my own reasons that I can’t bare to not have another? Am I done? Do I wait a bit longer? So many questions to answer but at the moment one question I can answer, do I want more?….. Yes!

Discussion still open I think….

Early morning grumps

This morning as I slowly opened my eyes and rolled over, I was greated by my two beautiful children saying “Good-morning mummy, did you sleep well’…. Errrrr oh no wait a minute, that’s what I dreamt would happen each morning, if it was as lovely as that I’m sure I would be a hell of a lot calmer and have much less wrinkles! What actually greated me was my children, arguing over a toy in their bedroom,’that’s mine’, ‘NO, ITS MINE,’… Ahhh glorious here we go again, another typical morning in my mad house. Mmmm Now do I get up and deal with them or just ignore it and let them solve this themselves? I chose the later option, which appeared to work… Or so I thought. This pleasant way of starting my day inevitably leads to one of us, either me or the kids, being grumpy for the rest of the day, its important I allow turn taking and ensure we all get our day of being miserable! I’m good like that! Usually the looser of the earlier argument would be the one with the ‘hump’, guess what…I was right!

she shouted at me, threw her vest at me, stamped her feet, hit her sister and generally spent most of the morning moaning or crying. I myself kept as calm as I possibly could, trust me that’s not easy! She was cuddled after the first discussion we had, talking about how she needs to learn to deal with being angry and not let it upset her whole day, and mine! I didn’t do anything to antagonise this situation as I simply wanted to get out the door! The strops got progressively worse and in true form, just at that moment we were walking out the door (running a little late as usual) we were FINALLY ready to go. I admit it, I finally flipped, COULD SHE HAVE PICKED A WORSE BLOODY MOMENT ARGHHHHH! Inside I was screaming, as she turned and scretched at me ‘I can’t get in the car, I need a poo!’ FFS why is it always when we are going out the door? In a very calm, only on the outside, as my face was glowing from carrying a toddler and all the bags out the door whilst wearing a none practical outfit of coat and scarf, in this ridiculously “spring like” British winter (that’s a whole other story) This task had already taken WAY longer than necessary, through gritted teeth I replied ‘I’m getting in the car, if your going to be quick then go now otherwise you will have to go at school!? At this point we literally have no time spare! She took everything off, winding me up a little more and went to the loo, whilst I put the other two in the car, finally she emerged now crying as I had got in the car (two metres away) without her! Now my voice became angry as I shout whispered (you must have done that lol) “JUST GET IN THE CAR!”

Unbeleivable, every single morning is a battle in this house, if it’s not one, it’s the other, distracted by something, causing an argument, having a completely unnecessary melt down, these are just a few of the reasons why daily we are running against the clock to get through the school gates before the bell goes. Surely I’m not the only one to never get out the door without a hitch?

On mornings like this I’m so pleased for the wonderful teachers and staff I get to hand over to. Obviously at pick up I was the worlds best mummy ever and even got a picture that said so, I Love my babies so much, even moments like this just make me see how feisty and strong willed they are, my girls will certainly never be walked over by anyone.

Roll on tomorrow morning, I wonder what it will bring…



Kids arguing, arghh!!!

These photos capture the beauty of my girls, they truly are wonderful children and I am so proud and grateful at what wonderful people they are turning into as they grow to be little women. But….

I myself never had a sister, two brothers was hard work but not the same as a sister I’m sure. I bickered and argued with my brother but generally, boys being boys, he would give up quickly and walk away, whilst I went to sulk about the dolls head he had just squeezed or the toy he had hidden or the fact that he pinned me down inside a box and wouldn’t let me out, lol when I write it down it sounds awfully funny but it was all typical sibling, well boy girl at least behaviour. A true wind up merchant.

These girls though, oh my goodness do they argue! they love to get each other in trouble, they can be spiteful and bitchey, really nasty to one another. To everyone else and at school and approx 85% of the time (percentage changes with my mood lol) they are lovely girls. I have realised that every morning at the moment I am dealing with some disagreement between them, I long to wake up to piece and quiet.

Its almost like they are fighting for Pecking order, who is the strongest, which one will win this arduous battle of wills and end up being at the front of the line? But why?

I know I’m not the only mum to deal with this and I know other people probably deal with worse but do you ever just feel the need to go somewhere secluded and scream with frustration about them lol. arghhhhhhh!!!!

To make it worse, so many people are now saying, ‘ohhhh you wait until they are teenagers!!!’ ‘Trust me’ I say… ‘I’m dreading it! 😞 ‘. The mini teenage attitude I get from them ALREADY AT 4 and 6 years of age is a whole other post!


I love them so much x 😍


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