Today at letthembechildren we had a special birthday, so to fit in with the birthday celebrations we decided to make what we have now called the ‘maths cake’.

As we made this lovely cake we discussed colours, chose the colours we wanted to use, discussed pattern with spots and stripes, we counted our spots and stripes as a whole as well as individual colours all relaxed discussion as we stuck on the parts of our cake. The special birthday boy is two today so we stuck on the number 2 and counted out to rectangles to stick on the top of the cake. All these fabulous discussions based around maths were quick simple learning moments that we made fun. Hence why we named it the ‘maths cake’… Just a shame we can’t eat this one. However we have made some cakes for the picnic party this afternoon and are now off to enjoy them with friends.

Hapy crafting everyone xxx

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